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D’CK&DABOX EP. 42: Big Boy Problems

with Depaul Norwood and Michael Vallery as guest hosts.



D’CK&DABOX EP. 40: Who opened the Box and Their Closet??

We are talking Prophet Joshua Holmes whose sex tape was leaked, Kavious McNeil a straight rapper from Memphis who has a video of him getting head from a guy— but still identifies as straight and Billy Porter’s tux-dress at the Oscars. 

D’CK&DABOX EP 39: But You Say He’s Just a Friend

We talk social inequality, Jussie Smollett, Burberry and Gucci. We also send our best wishes to Karl Lagerfeld. We explain why Denita is missing on this episode. 


Finally, we answer: “Can you have a sexual relationship with a friend?” 




We talk #Grammys and #Cardi along with other hot topics! 

D’CK&DABOX EP. 37: How do we bridge the gap with LGBQ and Trans* Folx

On this episode the cast is joined by Kaleb Elijah to talk about bridging the gap between LGBQA people and Trans* Folx. We get in to things like trans* identifying as heterosexual, trans* attraction and the plight of trans* Folx. 

D’CK&DABOX EP. 36: Jussie Smollett, Monique and Whoopi, Kamala

Welcome to Season 3!

Introducing the new Co Host Denita Forges (@emceedirrty)

Hot Topics Show

#JussieSmollett #WhoopiGoldberg #Monique #KamalaHarris 

D’CK&DABOX EP. 35:!The Real Gay Wives of Houston

The Real Gay Wives of Houston joins us to talk #SouljaBoy and #Drake along with #ChrisBrown rape allegations. Plus, they dish on Season 5 and personal issues behind the scenes of the show. 

D’CK&DABOX EP. 34: Is #EdBuck a Predator Hunting Black, Gay Men

Danna Harris (@doctorpettyspeaks) and Shea Smith (@shea_jordan) joins the D’CK&DABOX Hosts Ian L Haddock (@thenormalanomaly), Corell James (@corell_x) and Kimberly Kne’cole ( to talk about Ed Buck and the death of #GemmelMoore and #TimothyDean #HoleHunter. They also talk about #meth in the community and #overdosing

  • Ed Buck’s History
  • Gemmel Moore’s Death
  • Gemmel Moore’s Journal Entries
  • Jermaine Gagnon’s account
  • Jasmine Cannick’s interviews
  • Timothy Dean’s death
  • Timothy Dean’s porn star pseudonym “Hole Hunter”
  • Meth in the Community 
  • Is it a difference if you are coerced or forced to do drugs?
  • Is overdosing normal?
  • What’s the attraction to Meth? ParTying and Playing? 
  • Final Words 

D’CK&DABOX EP. 33: R. Kelly, Right or Wrong??

This episode Delvon L. Lawson @nfamouschanelofHouston “Chanel” come to give us her fashions, talk about being a Young Joc look alike and R. Kelly. 

From R. Kelly to Ed Buck to Andrea Kelly to Trade, we hit on it today! 


#rkelly #andreakelly #edbuck