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D’CK&DABOX EP. 45: The Judas Complex

Hot topics:

Beyonce inks deal with Adidas

Mally Mall from Love and Hip Hop accused of Human trafficking by a prostitute.

Are all the Smith kids GAY? Jaden confirms Tyler the creator is Bae!

Gabrielle Union takes young son to Miami Pride!

Main topic:

"The Judas Complex"
Is the betrayal of your friend a curse or a blessing?

D’CK&DABOX EP. 44: Relationship Problems Part II

This week we dug deep. Listen and get into it!

D’CK&DABOX EP.43: Relationship Problems

Hot Topics
  • Did Iyanla fix or break Leandria’s life?
  • Jussie from the Gay Tupac to the Gay OJ?
  • Beyonce gets GLAAD Award
  • Box head of the Week: Kimmie Doll

Relationship Problems

  • Hosts open up about something they love and hate in a relationship 
  • Number one reason the last break up happened with hosts. 
  • Introduce the viral video and what was so intriguing about the young man putting his boyfriend out.
  • Introduction of Special Guest: Andre Rashad Taylor 
Topic: Has Cheating become normalized behavior?
  1. Before making the video, did you anticipate that others would be this interested in your story? (15.6 k) views
  2. The audience is curious to know: What made you go live in the moment? Did you foresee a benefit in exposing the story?
  3. Tell us about how you and your ex met.
  4. Did you have any prior inclination that he was entertaining someone else?—before the receipts? If so, explain.
  5. Some viewers believe that your dirt went beyond conversation with other men. Is there any truth to this?
  6. So, with that thought in mind, what do you think made your ex risk the relationship?
  7. In the video, you made multiple references to you being the provider in the relationship. If you had not provided for him, would you still be with him after the betrayal?
Closing statements
Dirrty’s Final Thought

D’CK&DABOX EP. 42: Big Boy Problems

with Depaul Norwood and Michael Vallery as guest hosts.



D’CK&DABOX EP. 40: Who opened the Box and Their Closet??

We are talking Prophet Joshua Holmes whose sex tape was leaked, Kavious McNeil a straight rapper from Memphis who has a video of him getting head from a guy— but still identifies as straight and Billy Porter’s tux-dress at the Oscars. 

D’CK&DABOX EP 39: But You Say He’s Just a Friend

We talk social inequality, Jussie Smollett, Burberry and Gucci. We also send our best wishes to Karl Lagerfeld. We explain why Denita is missing on this episode. 


Finally, we answer: “Can you have a sexual relationship with a friend?” 




We talk #Grammys and #Cardi along with other hot topics! 

D’CK&DABOX EP. 37: How do we bridge the gap with LGBQ and Trans* Folx

On this episode the cast is joined by Kaleb Elijah to talk about bridging the gap between LGBQA people and Trans* Folx. We get in to things like trans* identifying as heterosexual, trans* attraction and the plight of trans* Folx. 

D’CK&DABOX EP. 36: Jussie Smollett, Monique and Whoopi, Kamala

Welcome to Season 3!

Introducing the new Co Host Denita Forges (@emceedirrty)

Hot Topics Show

#JussieSmollett #WhoopiGoldberg #Monique #KamalaHarris